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David Wallace
Alexander Wallace Studio
Ph: 907 891-3223 or 808 728-7554
Why hire us as your destination wedding photographers?

For a free consultation & any questions please send an email to davidsfotos@gmail.com

Why hire us as your destination wedding photographers?

Not because I'm one of many award-winning wedding photographers but because I'm one of few! I am a two-time consecutive grand champion in the professional portrait category, ( the portrait portion of your wedding requires the most skill - the rest could be, if you were on a tight budget, covered with a point shoot camera in a journalistic style).

Most one-day Wedding photography that does not include a love story type of portrait session in advance is a series of fast mini portraits. This can to some degree be done without lining people up in row but the results are always better if the photographer has extensive portrait experience. The term journalistic wedding style is sometimes used to pander to brides who don't really understand that a photographer's job is like a movie director, which requires some education & cooperation of the bride & groom in order to advance the results from good to spectacular.

A true photojournalist would get fired for manipulating the set for dramatic impact, as did the one at a LA brush fire that posed a fireman by a swimming pool. More dramatic, yes but unethical, so beware when a wedding photographer offers a journalistic style you need to discuss what this word means in detail to make sure you are both on the same track because photojournalism may not mean the same thing to a wedding photographer as it does a photojournalist working for the San Francisco Chronicle, Honolulu News or Lake Tahoe Ski Run. I ( www.davidsfotos.com ) do a free consultation with any bride to make sure I understand how my prospective bridal client wants her wedding photographed.

I don't have other photographers on the payroll. Some companies bait & switch , they show you the head photographer's portfolio then send out a generally good but less experienced photographer whose work was not in the album portfolio presented to you for your approval!

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